Verification Systems (Quality Assurance)

Quality Assurance on a laptop

Ensure your company and your project have good, easy to use verification systems (Quality Assurance) in place to ensure that your project delivers to the quality expected by your company and by the client.

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Specify the Due Date

When submitting any document for review (such as a design, invoice for payment, report, etc.), specify the date a response is due (perhaps 10 business days). For contractual related items …

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Construction Stage Services Costs

Design engineer under pressure by construction

Construction stage services cost more if the design is still being done when construction begins. Target all the design to be done before construction begins. If that is not possible, …

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Agree on Deliverables

Make sure you and your client agree on the deliverables expected for the project. Sometimes a contract may specify deliverables without enough detail. This could lead to you delivering something …

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Submit Deliverables Before Invoicing

Submit deliverables to the client (if that is required) before invoicing them. Don’t make the mistake of not submitting deliverables, as it will delay payment.

Clarify Terms and Conditions

Clarify the terms and conditions with the new project manager. If the client changes during a project (or the client project manager changes), then you as the project manager should …

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