Wet Weather Delays

Building site with puddles of water - Wet Weather Delays - myprojectlessons.com

Wet weather can cause delays to your project. Allow for wet weather in your project schedule. This will make getting extensions of time and cost easier.

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Go to Meetings Prepared

Blackboard with the words

Meetings take time. Being prepared for meetings as the organiser, and as an attendee, saves time in meetings and makes them more productive. It is also much more professional.

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Make Clear Definitions

Man standing looking confused - Make Clear Definitions - myprojectlessons.com

Make your project definitions and acronym meanings very clear. Put them in an easy to find and easily accessible location for the project team.

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Evidence for Late Completion

Problem: If not properly managed, some projects you are managing will end up being completed late. Even though there may be legitimate reasons for this, it is your responsibility as …

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