Submit Deliverables Before Invoicing

Submit deliverables to the client (if that is required) before invoicing them. Don’t make the mistake of not submitting deliverables, as it will delay payment.

Turn Potential Enemies into Allies

For controversial or difficult projects, turn potential enemies into allies by including them in the project team. They may come up with better ideas to get the project done, and …

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Paperwork in Big Companies

Remember that the larger the organisation you work in, the longer it will take to get paperwork processed. This is not always the case, but extra time needs to be …

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Review Test Results Early

Review test results before samples are destroyed. It is too late to get them retested later if they have already been destroyed or disposed of. It is best to review …

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Do Any Training Offered

Take up offers or opportunity in any training offered by your company or by a head contractor. Benefits include: Increases your skills and abilities. Gives you recognition within your company. …

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Make Contractor Responsible for Site Safety

If your company is not involved with construction (but just design or inspection), make sure the contract states that the construction contractor is responsible for site safety, not the “engineer” …

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Map Soil Testing

For soils testing, get a map and list of where tests were taken so that you can see if that matches where your designs are to be constructed. Some soils …

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