Check Standards for Pipes

Check the standards you are supposed to adhere to in your project for the pipes. Remember that imported equipment might come with different flange drilling than what your pipe flanges …

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Avoid Bias

When you are making important decisions or preparing designs, get a second opinion on them before acting, because you may be coming from a biased or primed attitude. (Primed is …

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Do Safety in Design Properly

Man with a checklist

Do safety in design properly. Ensure your project and company have well developed systems to ensure it is done properly. Document your safety in design checks properly.

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Organise Design Carefully

When doing a project that requires design, you should plan the time required for design carefully and allow adequate time for the design to be completed. You should also write …

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Datum Differences

Be aware of datum differences when doing coastal projects. Coastal/ocean datums are different to land datums and if not specified correctly could cause problems on a project. You don’t want …

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Construction Stage Services Costs

Design engineer under pressure by construction

Construction stage services cost more if the design is still being done when construction begins. Target all the design to be done before construction begins. If that is not possible, …

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