Record Your Achievements

Desk with stationary and hand writing down a record of achievements - Record Your Achievements -

Track your career history and your work achievements. Make detailed records of this. It will help you progress in your career, get promotions, and get certified in your professional field. Do this regularly and consistently.

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Why favouritism is bad for your project

hand showing favouritism between two people

Don’t treat your project team with favouritism. Be fair and even with all your project team.
Use job performance related metrics rather than personal preferences when allocating roles, tasks and rewards

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Only Have One Project Manager

The Project Manager should manage the client, risks, and resources, and delegate most other tasks to others, those others should not also be a project manager on the project. Multiple …

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Time Forecasting System

Manual Timesheet

A good timesheet and labour forecasting system should make the task of budget forecasting much more efficient and accurate, saving time and money.

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Specialist Expertise

Identify the specialist expertise you will need for the project as early as possible. This could include designers of specialised equipment or processes that are not normally done by your …

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