How Good Project Controls Can Improve Your Project Success

Project Controls - Everything is under control

Project controls are important. They help you keep track of project costs and schedule. A good project controls system will help the project manage its costs and schedule, preferably part of a project management tool. It should be easy to use and automate as much of project controls as possible.

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Approval Time Limit

Make sure that the contract specifies the length of time allowed for approvals or decisions. When drawings or documents are sent to the client for approval, you need to know …

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Time Forecasting System

Manual Timesheet

A good timesheet and labour forecasting system should make the task of budget forecasting much more efficient and accurate, saving time and money.

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Clarify Time Based Language

Problem: Many instructions, requests or orders state the due date requirement as something like “due Thursday” or “by tomorrow”, or even “due October”. However, that is unclear. When the person …

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Notify Client of Delays

Problem: Delays on projects are very common. Wet weather, delays in client review of designs, transport delays due to strikes, and lots of other things can cause delays that are …

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Automate Project Management Where Possible

Interlocked gears showing words process automation

Automate as many project management tasks as possible, especially reporting related tasks. A good database driven system is essential for this, especially one of the many online or self hosted project management software tools.

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