Hold Points

Construction worker holding clipboard for inspections - Hold Points - myprojectlessons.com

Set hold points for your projects, in the scope documents, specifications and especially on the drawings. Enforce inspection of these hold points, to ensure the scope and quality requirements are met.

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Manage with Contracts for Project Success

Agreeing to a contract

Manage with contracts to improve your project success. Define scope and roles clearly. Putting a lot of the project work out to contract is one way, with the benefit of being able to control the schedule and cost by applying contract terms. Or contract internally.

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Scope Creep

Be careful of scope creep. Scope creep is where small additions or changes add up to contribute a larger and larger change in the scope of the project, often affecting …

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Monitor Project Performance

Regularly monitor the performance of your project against the baseline. Measure performance of cost against time, but also on completion of milestones and deliverables. Make sure you develop actions to …

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Evaluation of Tenders

When requesting and evaluating tenders make sure your specifications are very clear about what is required. Also check that the tenderers clearly describe what they offer. When accepting and signing …

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Manage Client Expectations

Make sure the contract reflects the client’s expectations. If you find differences early in the project you should tell the client. If you find them late in the project, you …

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Manage the Priorities

Manage the priorities of your projects. Consider them in relation to other projects, business lines in the organisation, geographic areas, and functional managers.