Wet Weather Delays

Building site with puddles of water - Wet Weather Delays - myprojectlessons.com

Wet weather can cause delays to your project. Allow for wet weather in your project schedule. This will make getting extensions of time and cost easier.

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Don’t Do Every Project

Don't do every project. Learn to say no.

You should not do every project you are offered. You need to carefully consider each opportunity and assess whether or not it is the right fit for you and your team. Doing every project eventually leads to project failure. Learn to say no! If you don’t, project failure awaits.

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Check Geotechnical Information

Check and double check geotechnical information supplied by the client. If the client supplies the information, it would be ideal for the contract to specify that your design/construction relies on …

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Do Safety in Design Properly

Man with a checklist

Do safety in design properly. Ensure your project and company have well developed systems to ensure it is done properly. Document your safety in design checks properly.

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Limit Your Liability

Make sure to limit your liability. Make this in writing in the contract A small project can still have a high risk of being liable to damages, especially if the …

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Seasonal Influences

Consider seasonal influences on construction. Wet/dry season, snow, monsoon, etc. Be prepared for this and plan accordingly, with allowance for unexpected weather.

Learn to Say No

You must learn to say no to some requests from clients If change requests from the client will make the design unsafe or unusable, you should refuse to change it. …

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Manage Risks

Identify and Manage Risks Properly This enables you to reduce or eliminate risks. Helps you make plans for each major risk. Reduces the possibility of things going wrong in the …

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