Clarify Time Based Language

A clock and a calendar - Clarify time based language -

Due dates are often not set clearly. Be specific with time based language. Specify the date and time something is due. This will reduce misunderstandings on when things are due.

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Notify Your Client of Project Delays

Delayed stamp on a calendar - Notify Your Client of Project Delays -

Delays on projects are very common. Record the reasons for all project delays. Notify your client of delays in the project schedule as soon as possible, whether the delay is the clients fault or not.

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Check Your Authority

Hand signing a document

Avoid problems later by checking early in the project who is responsible for what aspect of the project and who has authority to approve what. Document this.

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Meeting Your Forecast Budget Spend Rate

Problem: Some projects have budget allocated to them, rather than being funded by a purchase order or contract or similar. This is particularly the case with internal projects or government …

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