About My Project Management Lessons

Photo of Michael Pressey author of My Project Management Lessons

My name is Michael and My Project Management Lessons is a collection of the lessons I have learned or key issues I have noted in my time working in project management.

My experience in project management (since 2007) has been in managing projects and tenders for design projects, design and construct projects, and client side projects. Most of these projects have been in physical works, such as mine site server room services, municipal waste water, rail, roads, school buildings, and bulk water storage and distribution.

Many of the lessons I talk about here will be more relevant to construction and design projects, but keep reading because I’m sure some lessons will apply to your project, whatever it may be.

All of these notes are my own opinions and will not apply to every project or program. They are based on what I have learned from my own project experiences, problems or solutions I have noticed other projects have, or solution ideas that I have come up with or been told about that might help with projects. I can’t guarantee they will all work, but I hope that some will. Use with care and your own discretion.

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