Manage with Contracts for Project Success

Agreeing to a contract

Manage with contracts to improve your project success. Define scope and roles clearly. Putting a lot of the project work out to contract is one way, with the benefit of being able to control the schedule and cost by applying contract terms. Or contract internally.

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Wet Weather Delays

Problem: Wet weather can severely impact the delivery schedule (and associated costs) of a project that includes works outside or that is dependent on outdoor work. Solution: If you are …

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Building Approvals

Make sure you specify in contracts and specifications that contractors are responsible for obtaining all relevant building and plumbing approvals for their work. Put that in writing but also verbally …

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Payment Stages

Always specify payment stages in contracts with a client, contractor or consultant, etc. It should state at what stage payments can be claimed or paid, such as monthly for incurred …

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