Hold Points

Construction worker holding clipboard for inspections - Hold Points - myprojectlessons.com

Set hold points for your projects, in the scope documents, specifications and especially on the drawings. Enforce inspection of these hold points, to ensure the scope and quality requirements are met.

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Verification Systems (Quality Assurance)

Quality Assurance on a laptop

Ensure your company and your project have good, easy to use verification systems (Quality Assurance) in place to ensure that your project delivers to the quality expected by your company and by the client.

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Control of Documents

Keep good control of formal documents. When writing a set of documents, plans, etc, make sure that final production is coordinated by one person, or that the file storage is …

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What Does Quality Mean?

Remember that for a project, quality means compliance with the scope and specifications. Doing what is required. It does not mean you have to deliver a better product than is …

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What is Most Critical

Find out what is most critical for a particular project – Time, Quality, or Cost For example, a sports event launch is not time negotiable. It must be on time, …

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Organise Priorities

It is the responsibility of the project manager to organise priorities for the team members. You should provide direction on what is the most important task. You should settle conflicts …

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