Wet Weather Delays

Building site with puddles of water - Wet Weather Delays - myprojectlessons.com

Wet weather can cause delays to your project. Allow for wet weather in your project schedule. This will make getting extensions of time and cost easier.

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Go to Meetings Prepared

Blackboard with the words

Meetings take time. Being prepared for meetings as the organiser, and as an attendee, saves time in meetings and makes them more productive. It is also much more professional.

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Make Clear Definitions

Man standing looking confused - Make Clear Definitions - myprojectlessons.com

Make your project definitions and acronym meanings very clear. Put them in an easy to find and easily accessible location for the project team.

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Provide Advance Notice for Meetings

People planning meetings around a calendar. Provide advance notice for meetings - myprojectlessons.com

Booking last minute meetings causes distraction, delays projects, slows people’s work, and doesn’t encourage good attendance. Schedule meetings with as much advance notice as possible.

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Clarify Time Based Language

A clock and a calendar - Clarify time based language - Myprojectlessons.com

Due dates are often not set clearly. Be specific with time based language. Specify the date and time something is due. This will reduce misunderstandings on when things are due.

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Why Your Email Subject Line Matters

Email Subject Line button on keyboard - Why Your Email Subject Line Matters - Myprojectlessons.com

Use good, concise and informative email subject lines (email titles). Doing so will save people’s time and make your project team more likely to open and read your emails. A proper title allows the readers to know whether they should keep reading, and also makes searching for that email later much easier.

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Should You Delete Most of Long Email Chains?

Typing emails on a laptop - Long Email Chains - Myprojectlessons.com

Don’t delete the history in email chains. Keep it in place so your recipients can read the full details if they need to. This will save time and reduce the possibility that people may miss out on important discussion information.

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Notify Your Client of Project Delays

Delayed stamp on a calendar - Notify Your Client of Project Delays - Myprojectlessons.com

Delays on projects are very common. Record the reasons for all project delays. Notify your client of delays in the project schedule as soon as possible, whether the delay is the clients fault or not.

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Make Project Budgets Easy to Release

Project budgets displays as a graph on screen - Make Project Budgets Easy to Release - Myprojectlessons.com

Some companies make it very difficult and time consuming to release unneeded project budgets. Project budget release should be simple, quick and easy. This will allow the funding of other projects to be much easier.

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