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Keep a record of all your achievements.

  • List of projects worked on and your role in them.
  • Your position description for that project (may be different to your official job description). You may be listed as a graduate engineer but because of staff shortages you could be assigned to manage a project. If that means you are listed as the project manager to clients, then certainly record that role.
  • Record the length of time in each role.
  • Roles you played in the project
    • Design manager
    • Site engineer
    • Site design engineer
    • Project manager etc
  • Skills, knowledge, and experience you have gained. E.g.
    • Risk analysis
    • Specific machine experience
    • Commissioning of certain things
  • Also record the number of people you managed and their roles.

This assists with resource allocation for future projects (tenders)
It also assists with annual performance reviews (your career)

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