Why You Need a Past Projects Register

Past projects - Old plane design

Make sure your company has a good system for storing and listing past projects. It must be easy to use and be available to all staff. It must also provide all the key information that future projects need.

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Single Source of Data

Business man behind folders of documents

It is best to have a single source of data in your storage system for all information on a project. It should be easy to use, accessible to all staff, and remove the need for storing documents or information all over the place.

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Automate Project Management Where Possible

Interlocked gears showing words process automation

Automate as many project management tasks as possible, especially reporting related tasks. A good database driven system is essential for this, especially one of the many online or self hosted project management software tools.

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Good Change Management System

Instigate and enforce a good change management system Change management coordinators and people who have to approve changes spend a lot of time chasing signatures, putting information in to spreadsheets, …

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Simple Document System

At the start of a project, take the time to make sure the documentation system is as simple and easy to use as possible. Ideally, you shouldn’t have folders within …

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Contacts Organiser (database)

Make sure your company has a good system to record contacts information. This should include: Clients Suppliers Contractors Industry contacts. Everything known about the contact should be able to be …

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