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Watch External Dependencies

Keep a careful watch on external dependencies.

External things such as deliveries, contracts, and approvals that could delay your project if late.

They may not be your direct responsibility and are out of your control, but you need to keep watch that they are getting done and that dates are not slipping.

Deliveries are a big one here. You should make your suppliers aware of your project schedule (or the part relevant to them) to emphasise the importance of the delivery date you require of them.

Don’t say you need it by a certain date if that date is the actual date you will install it. You need to allow time for delivery, unpacking, checking, and moving to the site.

Lay Down Area

Plan your lay down area for delivery and storage of equipment. You may have a marked “area” supplied by the client but you should mark on the ground exactly where deliveries are to be placed.

Record and track all items in the lay down area (when delivered and when used).

Remember to allow for security fencing and possibly guards if the area is accessible.

People often think about security for the larger or more valuable equipment but often forget that it is the small, easy to carry, things that go missing and don’t get noticed until later when they are needed.