How to Get Your Team to Use Project Systems Properly

Project Systems - Man at desk stressed by project systems

Deliver successful projects by using your company’s project systems properly. Ensure your team does too. It is important that your team does correct email filing, document and file storage, use of chat systems, and all the other systems you have available. Set the right example, train them, and enforce it. This will save your project time and money.

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Automate Project Management Where Possible

Interlocked gears showing words process automation

Automate as many project management tasks as possible, especially reporting related tasks. A good database driven system is essential for this, especially one of the many online or self hosted project management software tools.

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Increase Efficiency In the Office

In an office dedicated to your project, seek ways to improve efficiency, and don’t allow “green” or “efficiency” measures to actually decrease efficiency. For example, I have seen many offices …

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Effective Computer Use

Make sure your team is skilled and trained in using the basic functions of their computers as efficiently as possible. Possibly run some short workshops on the use of keyboard …

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Don’t count on overtime for yourself or for your team. The project should be managed to avoid needing overtime. Overtime costs more, is less efficient, increases safety risks, and tires …

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Who is Responsible

Make sure your team knows who is responsible for what work. People who need to know are: Team members Project manager Organization Management If people don’t know, then they communicate …

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