Why favouritism is bad for your project

hand showing favouritism between two people

Don’t treat your project team with favouritism. Be fair and even with all your project team.
Use job performance related metrics rather than personal preferences when allocating roles, tasks and rewards

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Do Safety in Design Properly

Man with a checklist

Do safety in design properly. Ensure your project and company have well developed systems to ensure it is done properly. Document your safety in design checks properly.

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Legal Review Of Contracts

Get any contracts reviewed by your company legal council before submittal and especially before signing. This should especially include liability, indemnity, insurance, and liquidated damages clauses.

Keep Documentation Professional

Work on the assumption that anything you put in the project file may some day be looked at in a court of law. Be careful with every document, photo, memo, …

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Errors and Omissions

Don’t admit to errors or omissions until you consult with a proper internal team (managers, project director, financial, legal). If you are admitting an error, make sure it is actually …

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