Provide Advance Notice for Meetings

People planning meetings around a calendar. Provide advance notice for meetings -

Booking last minute meetings causes distraction, delays projects, slows people‚Äôs work, and doesn’t encourage good attendance. Schedule meetings with as much advance notice as possible.

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Notify Your Client of Project Delays

Delayed stamp on a calendar - Notify Your Client of Project Delays -

Delays on projects are very common. Record the reasons for all project delays. Notify your client of delays in the project schedule as soon as possible, whether the delay is the clients fault or not.

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Reliability Builds Trust

Reliability and Trust chart

Do what you say you will do, and do it when you said you will do it. Report to the client regularly and clearly. Keeping people informed significantly reduces project problems. Be reliable.

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Organise Design Carefully

When doing a project that requires design, you should plan the time required for design carefully and allow adequate time for the design to be completed. You should also write …

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Start Meetings On time

Starting meetings on time and finishing on time creates in the team a sense of organisation and planning. If meetings constantly start late, people will turn up later and later. …

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Project Failure

Project failure is generally associated with one or more of the following three: Cost Schedule Client satisfaction Particularly, an unhappy client or an unhappy team will mean your company suffers …

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Confirm Meetings

If you (or others) are to travel for meetings, confirm that they have been scheduled. Projects with committees or bureaucracy may overlook setting the times or places and informing everyone …

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