Hold Points

Construction worker holding clipboard for inspections

Set hold points for your projects, in the scope documents, specifications and especially on the drawings. Enforce inspection of these hold points, to ensure the scope and quality requirements are met.

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Verification Systems (Quality Assurance)

Quality Assurance on a laptop

Ensure your company and your project have good, easy to use verification systems (Quality Assurance) in place to ensure that your project delivers to the quality expected by your company and by the client.

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Check Your Authority

Hand signing a document

Avoid problems later by checking early in the project who is responsible for what aspect of the project and who has authority to approve what. Document this.

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Clarify Time Based Language

Problem: Many instructions, requests or orders state the due date requirement as something like “due Thursday” or “by tomorrow”, or even “due October”. However, that is unclear. When the person …

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Meeting Your Forecast Budget Spend Rate

Problem: Some projects have budget allocated to them, rather than being funded by a purchase order or contract or similar. This is particularly the case with internal projects or government …

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Notify Client of Delays

Problem: Delays on projects are very common. Wet weather, delays in client review of designs, transport delays due to strikes, and lots of other things can cause delays that are …

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Automate Project Management Where Possible

Interlocked gears showing words process automation

Automate as many project management tasks as possible, especially reporting related tasks. A good database driven system is essential for this, especially one of the many online or self hosted project management software tools.

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Provide Advance Notice for Meetings

Problem: In most companies, everyone is busy, and they don’t have time to be wasted. People need (and most people prefer) to see  what is happening and when. Yet many …

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Make Clear Definitions

Problem: It is very easy for team members, stakeholders or others to get confused over what different terms in your project mean. Some terms in one context can mean something …

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