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Selling and marketing your company’s projects is important. It builds future business, confidence in your company’s abilities, and pride within the company. So make sure your company hasĀ  a projects list.

If your system doesn’t already collect it, a brief name and summary of each project (maximum of a couple of lines) should be made by each project manager (or tenderer).

This should be put on a highly visible board somewhere in the office. It could also be put on the company intranet and possibly the company public website.

It should be kept up to date, with a separate list of current projects and completed projects.

Each project listed should list the project manager’s name or the contact person for the project.

Doing this list means that all employees are kept aware of what is happening, what projects are underway, and what the company offers.

This means that if employees are asked what the company does or is capable of, they can easily give examples. It also makes it a lot easier for all employees to advertise the abilities of the company when the opportunity arises.

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If your small or medium sized company doesn’t yet do this, it could be an opportunity for you to increase your value by taking on the role (in brief moments) of collating all the basic project info and making the list.

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