Prepare Properly for Transport of Painted Work

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Whenever painted steelwork or other equipment is to be lifted, transported etc, consideration should be given to reducing damage to the paint.

Slings, forklifts, chains or other equipment is often used and although it may not do structural damage, it can damage the protective coatings.

This then has to be repaired, repainted, and inspected.

Proper instructions (and equipment) should be given to the workers and contractors to use web slings or similar covered with a rubber hose or similar soft material to avoid damage to the paint.

Some workers may say don’t bother and that it can be touched up later. But this is not as good as the original paint, and repainting often has to be inspected by a certified paint inspector which can be very expensive and can delay the continuation of the project.

It is cheaper and quicker to do it right the first time.

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