Why Your Email Subject Line Matters

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Use good, concise and informative email subject lines (email titles). Doing so will save people’s time and make your project team more likely to open and read your emails. A proper title allows the readers to know whether they should keep reading, and also makes searching for that email later much easier.

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Should You Delete Most of Long Email Chains?

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Don’t delete the history in email chains. Keep it in place so your recipients can read the full details if they need to. This will save time and reduce the possibility that people may miss out on important discussion information.

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Don’t Email Messages to All

Although this is an organisation issue, not just a project issue, it is important to make sure your team does not send messages to all for something that is specific …

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Filter Emails

If you get lots of emails (particularly ones that you are copied on) then it may be worth considering setting some email filters to sort emails to certain folders (design, …

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Keep Documentation Professional

Work on the assumption that anything you put in the project file may some day be looked at in a court of law. Be careful with every document, photo, memo, …

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