Be Very Reliable

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If you say you will be at a meeting, be there on time.

Make sure work is completed on time. If it cannot be, document why (variations, wet weather, changed conditions).

Reliability and delivering on time will mean you will get better (more important) projects, more money, and more responsibility.

You want to be someone who people can say “He can do it”, not “don’t give that project to him.”

I have known many project managers who avoid going to the weekly company project managers review meeting because they consider it a waste of time. This leads to the director/manager of that person to consider them unreliable (and sometimes complain about their lack of attendance to those who did show up at the meeting). The advantage of going to a weekly review meeting is that you can get a feel for resource availability and learn from the problems and mistakes of other projects (this is particularly important for new project managers).

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