Buy Complete Systems for Specialty Equipment

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When buying specialty equipment, make sure the supplier can and will supply a complete system. If they do, take it. Avoid trying to save money by doing parts of it yourself, unless you have experience on that specific system and can guarantee it will be cheaper to do it separate to the supplied equipment.

Example: A polymer dosing system was bought as a package, but the company decided not to include the pumps and piping as part of the package from the supplier. This meant the company had to design the pump and piping system, and do installation themselves. They could have bought the whole package complete on a skid. This would have saved a lot of time and money.

If the supplier had supplied on a skid, they could have simply told the company the outer dimensions and connection points, saving a lot of design and installation time.

Get the supplier to include commissioning in their price. This may cost more than doing it yourself, but will save time and probably end up costing less.

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