Document Changes in Scope

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If, during a project, the client realises a mistake in the scope or specs or one is pointed out to the client and the client authorizes or instructs a change in scope, the changes should be fully documented. These changes should be marked on all copies of the scope or spec documents, and also on digital versions of the scope or specs.

If a change is not marked on every copy, someone from the project team might work with an old copy of the scope or spec and thus not follow the new scope.

It is important that if people have printed versions at their desks, then those versions are also altered or reprinted.

This applies to corrections, not new scope. New, additional scope should be stored in a location (electronically and in hard copy if necessary) that is known and accessible to all the project team.

It is important that any extra scope be regularly checked and that the project team is aware of what is and is not included in the scope (both original and new).

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