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If you have control of the system at the start of a project, make sure the project (or even at the program level, project office level, or company level) uses a document and accounting system that can record and output everything.

This would include costs, labour, forecasts, statistics, billing, budget, expenses, changes etc.

It should be able to output things like:

  • Weekly reports.
  • Monthly cost summary
  • Invoices
  • Labour costs for a period
  • Expense breakdowns
  • Cost to date
  • Variance
  • Total cost at completion

This should all be available from one package or a number of modules that are automatically linked together. You do not want to have multiple spreadsheets that people record things in that are not linked. The result should be a significant reduction in paperwork.

Certain inputs could only be allowed by certain people (by log in), such as:

  • Accounts (accountant)
  • Billing
  • Labour (site manager)
  • Design hours (design manager)

Individual hours by each person could be input (linked) from time sheets. All staff/employees should have adequate training so that the system is used properly

To start with, I recommend looking at the list of project management software at Wikipedia.

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