How to Get Your Team to Use Project Systems Properly

Project Systems - Man at desk stressed by project systems

Deliver successful projects by using your company’s project systems properly. Ensure your team does too. It is important that your team does correct email filing, document and file storage, use of chat systems, and all the other systems you have available. Set the right example, train them, and enforce it. This will save your project time and money.

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Hold Points

Construction worker holding clipboard for inspections

Set hold points for your projects, in the scope documents, specifications and especially on the drawings. Enforce inspection of these hold points, to ensure the scope and quality requirements are met.

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Check Geotechnical Information

Check and double check geotechnical information supplied by the client. If the client supplies the information, it would be ideal for the contract to specify that your design/construction relies on …

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Only Have One Project Manager

The Project Manager should manage the client, risks, and resources, and delegate most other tasks to others, those others should not also be a project manager on the project. Multiple …

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Avoid Bias

When you are making important decisions or preparing designs, get a second opinion on them before acting, because you may be coming from a biased or primed attitude. (Primed is …

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