Don’t Let Your Team Members Get Bored

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Make sure your team members always have work to do.

  • Give them a list of lower priority tasks (such as improving certain systems) that they can do when they have no other tasks (particularly important for office workers).
  • Give them a list of recommended training (short online courses) to do in their spare time (e.g. while waiting for results or feedback). Especially for new members who haven’t been given lots of work yet.

Along with giving them work to do, make sure they know how to do it, where to access it, and who specifically to talk with for clarification or further instructions.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Team Members Get Bored”

    • There are some great online project management tools becoming available. Thanks for pointing this one out. It looks very promising. I intend to start trialing it on a small project this weekend.


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