Formal Handover Meeting

If a project must be handed over to another project manager (because of resignation or reallocation) make sure to have a formal handover meeting.

The original PM should prepare a status document of the project as it stands now.

Documenting the physical aspects of what is happening.

  • Who knows what is happening.
  • Summary of all team members and responsibility.
  • Summary of project so new PM can see it all in just a few pages (not the whole QA system).
  • Site address
  • Contacts
  • List of main scope
  • List of main suppliers
  • Equipment.
  • Problems, things to watch out for
  • Tips, etc.

Make sure it is all in writing, not just a verbal hand over.
If possible, it is much better to keep the same project manager and design team on the project until completion.
Also, when staff are being changed in the project, increase the quality review measures to reduce the risk of mistakes.

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